Book Review: A Brush with the Moon

Title: A Brush with the Moon
Author: Raquel Lyon
Type: Fiction
Series: Fox Blood
Genre: Fantasy
Acquisition: Purchased Kindle Version
Pages: 364

Premise/Plot: Young aspiring artist Sophie is bitten by a fox while painting near her home.  Shortly thereafter she leaves home to attend Uni with her best friend, Beth.  Once she arrives strange events begin to occur, and the young woman finds herself in the center of a multi-realm, multi supernatural world.  Blessed or cursed, it will be up to her to save the world as we know it.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Summary: Sophie is young, innocent, and one of those girls who doesn't stand out.  However, she catches the eye of Sebastian(Seb) and his cousin, Connor.  They are drawn to her, and the gorgeous Seb is just the werewolf to show her how special she is, hopefully before the demon Vincent tries to woe her.  During all that her friend Beth accidentally ingests a mystical potion from another realm.  The trio of Sophie, Seb and Connor have to trave…

Book Review The Devil Wears Scrubs

Title: The Devil Wears Scrubs
Author: Freida McFadden
Type: Fiction
Series: no
Genre: Chick Lit/Medical
Acquisition: Purchased Kindle Version
Pages: 283

Premise/Plot: Fresh from Med School, Dr. Jane McGill had to learn how to be a doctor in what seems to be hell in the form of a community hospital. From crazy wicked cohorts also interning, to the seemingly demonic resident, Dr. Alyssa Morgan, Jane is sleep deprived and treading water as patient after patient keeps her running around in circles trying to manage it all.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Summary:  First year intern, Dr. Jane McGill, is having a time of it. At work she is paired with Connie, a seemingly perfect intern, who never seemed to have a tough case load a day the entire book.  Of course Connie is Alyssa's favorite, and even bit of frustration, disappointment and anger is focused towards Jane.  Poor Jane!  But she has a helper of sorts, a devilishly handsome surgical resident, Ryan. He's confident, sexy, and shameless.  H…

Book Review: Random Acts of Crazy *Explict Content Alert*

Title: Random Acts of Crazy
Author: Julia Kent
Type: Fiction
Series: Random Acts - Book 1
Genre: Romance/New Age Romance  Erotica
Acquisition: Purchased Kindle Version
Pages: 347

Premise/Plot: Darla makes a crazy decision to pick up a hitchhiker at night on the side of the highway, the musician is sexy and out of his right mind.  Trevor never partied so hard in his life, to wake up 2000 miles from home and now in the company of a stranger... a sexy, tits like a pornstar stranger.  Together they find themselves leaning on each other in more ways than one, will Trevor get home, and does he even want to go back?

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Summary:  Sweet jeezers!  Two pages in and this foul mouthed, trailer park female is making bad decisions ha!  Ok for real though, Darla is a 22 year old woman living with her diabetic mama in a trailer park in a small Ohio town.  Trevor is a yuppie (rich kid) from the Boston area, who is going to college to be a lawyer and also a guitarist in a semi popular b…

Book Review: Fillies and Females

First review!  Are you ready for it?

Title: Fillies and Females
Author: Bev Pettersen
Type: Fiction
Series: Dangerous Odds Romantic Mystery - Book 3
Genre: Romance/Contemporary Romance
Acquisition: Purchased Kindle Version
Pages: 362

Premise/Plot: The tenacity of a compassionate live in nurse, Becky, is put to the test when a series of events threatens the stables of the woman she's carrying for.  Is it a string of bad luck, or is it sabotage?  The more time Becky spends in the barn, the more she gets to know the trainers and staff, but could one of them really be behind all of this or is it a family member jilted by the estate owner's love for the horses?

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Summary:  Becky is a nurse who is taking care of a widowed woman living on a race horse breeder estate.  She is quite, reserved and somewhat shy in the beginning of the book.  As her relationship with the elderly woman grows, she too becomes more emotionally invested in the horse racing business.  She meets…
So it begins…
Like any story, there is a beginning and so holds true for blogs. The start of an adventure, really.For those that know me well, you know I am likely to be found with a book or kindle stuffed in my purse.A good book can easily pull me in, with each page turn the story plays like a movie in my mind.The characters develop, the situations they find themselves in crescendo into a peak of excitement, and I cannot help but wonder what happens next!There are many nights I forego sleep so that I can find out just that.
Why a blog?
After talking with a few friends over drinks, they suggested a book to me. I did not recognize the title, but they both said it would be a series I would enjoy.Excited, I went to and searched for book one of the series to download it. When I clicked to buy it, alerted me that I had purchased the book back in 2015…. What? Yea I was surprised; I read the book three years ago, but I read a ton so maybe not so surprised about reading it,…